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Scrubs for My Costume This Year

October means Halloween and Halloween means I need a costume. We always have a Halloween party at work and employees are supposed to not only wear a costume and makeup, but we are supposed to decorate our offices or cubicles and then everyone votes on the best decorations and the best costumes for both prizes and bragging rights.

Last year I decided to wear blue scrubs, latex gloves, and painted fake blood down my shirt and running down my arms. My props were a rubber Frankenstein doll laid out on an operating table, some surgical instruments and a strobe light. I was, of course, Dr. Frankenstein. It got a lot of laughs and I won second place for the office decor.

My idea for this year is to get another pair of cheap hospital scrubs and do something similar but different. I am going to get a blonde wig to wear under the surgical cap and a large rubber fake brain. Then I’m going to use light grey and black makeup to make me look like a zombie. I’m going to walk around like a zombie and offer people my brain, telling them that since I’m a blonde now that I don’t need it. LOL

The Portable Keyboard Section

Being able to transport “equipment has always been a challenge in so many businesses. The good news is that so much of today’s equipment has been made with that in mind so we are seeing so many things getting smaller and smaller, which generally makes it easier to pack, store and transport.

Funny how the first cell phones started out being so large and cumbersome, actually they started out as being what we call “mobile phones” that people bought so that they could make and receive phone calls while being in their vehicle. It took a good long while for them to evolve into what we now call “cell phone” that people can carry with them virtually anywhere they want and/or need as long as they have a signal.

The size of these phones got smaller and smaller, but now a days we are seeing them get bigger and bigger, I guess they need to be bigger in order to do all the things that we now need and use them for.

Keyboards are a good example of how a smaller version plays an important role for folks in need of a portable digital piano, Ever since D.J.s have taken over in so many venues that used to hire live bands, it is a real treat to see a live show and one can only imagine how long it takes these bands to pack up all of their equipment and transport everything needed to perform.

I was looking online to see the keyboards that are being used these days. I have to say that I was impressed with the variety of keyboards on the market these days and how there is a wide range of prices being asked for them. I miss seeing live bands. I remember good times a plenty back in the day when they would hold “Battle of the Bands” which caused the place to rock until the wee hours of the night.

While looking around at the various keyboards I also managed to come across a couple of great deals for a sweat looking laney ironheart tube guitar amp. It’s currently going for $849. I’ve been waiting for it to get below $750. Guess I’ll keep looking and waiting. At least going online is easier than jumping around all the various brick and mortar music stores.

Now Darlene Has Started A Blog

There seems to be a pattern here lately! As well as my other two friends, my friend, (a former co worker) Darlene, started a blog recently, and asked me what I think she should use for software. I told her to get a WordPress blog, since they are the best, in my opinion. She almost spent money on a type-pad blog, but decided against it after I showed her how cool my blog was.

If her blog is anything like she is in real life, it will be worth reading over and over again, and I am looking forward to reading her thoughts on her blog – as should you at

A Depressing Job

An interesting insight of a Chinese Food Delivery person.

“Delivering Chinese Food all day can be pressing. Like when People yell out “Food’s here!” as if they have a family, but I know that they are alone.”

chinese food delivery

Anybody Home?

Passive Income

Two of my favorite words are “passive income.” That loosely means money you make without having to work for it. Almost everyone understands the concept of interest bearing savings accounts.That’s a good example of passive income, although in today’s world you aren’t going to make much money on bank accounts The next baby step to earn interest on your money is to buy a CD, which has lots of rules about how long you have to keep it, penalties if you cash in early, etc. Most people understand that, too, and it’s a great introduction to investments.

So if you understand those basics and come into a windfall of cash, you are suddenly faced with a lot of other investment options. That’s when you need to find a good investment counselor and have a professional go over your whole financial picture with you and plan out a future based on risk levels, comfort levels, time you have to oversee your investments, how quickly you can get it if you need it, and market conditions.

A relatively new investment tool for real estate, called Tenants In Common, or TIC. This is similar to a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that become quite the fad about 10 years ago. REITS are formed when a group of investors pool their money together to buy commercial properties as investments. The money they put in becomes shares of stock and as their property makes money the investors get paid dividends on their shares. A lot of community shopping centers are owned by REITS.

A TIC is also a way to pool your money together with other people, but you don’t get shares of stock, you own a share of the deed on the real property that you buy. Of course there are rules about buying and selling TIC property, and you have tax benefits and financial risks, just like other investments, but this might be an attractive investment option for you. If you are interested in learning more about TIC, check out this website by Cardea Commercial and talk it over with your financial planner.