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Fix The Links

One thing that is very frustrating about Youtube videos is that you have to link to the video you like. And then you hope that people who read your blog will be interested enough to click on the link and watch the video. Hopefully, they will like the video and comment on the blog post about it.

But when I went back to some of the old posts that had Youtube videos embedded in them, the links are broken and the videos are gone. That is not cool. I wish they would at least notify people that they’ve taken down the video or changed the links. There was a really cute one about a dog that is gone now, and no way to watch it again.

So now that I know that is happening, I need to find some way to check all my blog posts and make sure all the links are still working. What a pain!

Don’t Have A Blog?

Dont have a blog yet and do not have any money to buy a domain name and more money to have it hosted? Well do not worry there are plenty of places that will let you keep a blog online for free. The first and the best in my opinion is Blogger which is run by the great folks over at Google. If Blogger does not do it for you then try out WordPress. The third place is MySpace which has a lot of other features including a blog. So if you do not have one blog go get yourself one and have fun sharing your thoughts and ideas online with the World.

Had Some Tweaking To Do

After switching over the new theme, I realized some of the things I used in my last template did not come standard on this new theme. But I liked it so much, I changed it around a little bit and added the little things back to it, including some new goodies I’ve found.

If you notice any problems like pages not loading or funny symbols, please leave them in the comments here.