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Revisiting Television Episodes from the Past

Lately I have discovered free on demand shows on satellite TV from DirectStarTV.com. It has been interesting revisiting all the television shows that I watched as a child and young adult. The joy of being able to revisit all the episodes of Little House on the Prairie has been a blessing, for now I have children of my own and we have taken plenty of family time to watch Laura and her siblings get themselves in and out of trouble.

My husband on the other hand, loves to watch The Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island and will sometimes waste his days off watching old episodes. I finally spoke to him about the time he was taking up reminiscing with his childhood and he agreed, but explained to me since he discovered he could watch his old-time favorites that it is hard to be able to walk away at times. I could easily relate to what he meant, as with my old favorite shows it is tough to walk away instead of continuing on to the next episode.

Living Downtown Has It’s Advantages

Really bad storms here tonight. The electricity has been flickering off and on, so I’m turning off the PC. OMG! Can I go the whole night without my Internet???

One of the good things about living downtown is that our electricty usually gets back on really fast. Our condo is on the same grid as the hospital. And if we ever need the fire department or an ambulance, they are just a couple blocks away!

Just wish we had more parking for our friends to come over. I know they don’t mind walking a couple blocks . . except like tonight when it’s pouring rain.

storms in the city

City Storms

End of the Season

All the fall TV shows are wrapping up their regular season this week and having their season finales. This is an exciting week for a lot of show fans. Then we are left with the pits for entertainment. All these crappy Christmas specials and lots of reruns. This time of year really sucks for people who like certain adult shows and don’t want to watch Frosty the Snowman for the 20th time. Especially when there aren’t any ankle biters in the household. Time to stock up on movies and fire up the DVD player. The only thing on TV that I’ll be watching after this week is the Craig Ferguson show.

tv at christmas time

Holiday Music and TV

Tools For Today’s People

Right now is a great time to live and work with all of the latest technology at our fingertips. I feel sorry for so many people that don’t have access to so much that we all use on a daily basis without as much as blinking an eye. For example, the people that have been locked away in a medical institution (for whatever reason) and then there are of course the folks that have been locked up behind bars that have no idea of what even a cell phone can and is used for. Most of our cell phones do so much more than just allow us to make phone calls. I don’t even know if I could explain what a app is or how helpful they are turning out to be for so many people and businesses.

My sister has been finding some real estate apps and sharing her finds on Facebook pages for her friends, family and fellow co-workers in the real estate field. Wow, wouldn’t it be like totally weird not to even know what Facebook is? Anyway like I said this really is a great time to be able to utilize all the tools that we are being turned onto and purchasing as fast as they can think of and then produce them. Look how popular personal computers are and what a long way they have become.

Laptop Down

My sister called tonight for a quick chat. Her laptop had a problem with the power cord not plugging into the computer to recharge the battery. She called our geek brother about it and he took a look at it. Turns out the connection to the motherboard is broken so the battery will never recharge from the power cord. Can’t replace the motherboard, so basically the laptop is toast.

She probably won’t lose all the data but I wish she had checked into the remote data backup service I told her about. It’s one of those things you never seem to get around to until it’s too late – unless you’ve been burned and learn to appreciate a backup.