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Kicking Back Tonight

It is sure nice to be home. I got unpacked and all the laundry done and fixed a great dinner – made extra ziti so I could freeze some and have it again next week.

Spent a couple hours surfing the internet and answering emails. I read a few blogs and clicked on some links just to see where they went. Somehow I ended up on a coupon blog website with free coupons. There were some great deals on there! They evidently post deals every day, so you should bookmark the page and check it each day if you are serious about couponing and serious about saving money like I am!

Save Money with Coupons

Every time I’m ready to go out shopping and have something specific in mind or a particular store that I want to go to, I check online for coupons first. I still get the Sunday paper that usually has a good amount of coupons that I always check for first thing Sunday morning. But with so many more coupons being offered online makes for even more savings for today’s consumers.

Sometimes I just Google the key words and add “discount” or “coupon” to the search, but most of the time I check the couple of websites that I have found to be useful and have bookmarked them to use like clearing houses of coupons and discounts. There just isn’t any good sane reason to have to pay full price for most things that we want and need to purchase these days.


coupon image

coupon image