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Love My Gaming And My Music

Since I was a young child, I have always enjoyed playing games on some sort of gaming device, whether it is an Atari, a Nintendo, a Super Nintendo, a Sega Genesis, a Playstation, or even an Xbox. My all time favorite gaming system would have to be the Playstation 3, it is by far the best. It has so many awesome features, and not to mention a wide selection of games to play on or offline. I had no idea I would be using it as much as I do, or I would have bought it as soon as it came out.

I use it to not only play video games, but to watch Blue Ray movies, check my Facebook, have video chats with friends and family, download music, watch Netflix and so much more. I have recently located a great woodwind brasswind retail store that I have written a bit about on Facebook as well. I can’t imagine life without Facebook.

I honestly can not wait to see what Sony has in-store for the upcoming Playstation 4. What can I say other then I love my gaming! And thank the good lord for all the various types music (old and new) that we have access to with just a few short key strokes!

Fire Cleanup

Don’t you just love a Facebook post that says something dramatic and then the person who wrote it doesn’t post again for another day or so? My girlfriend, Jodi, posted yesterday that her son, Tyler, almost burned the house down and they are standing outside in the front yard waiting for the smoke to clear. And then nothing else posted since then! I wanted to tell her about fire damage restoration companies in her area and how they can help with the smoke damage or fire damage.

One of the worst things about a house that caught on fire is the smell of burnt plastics and burnt building materials that lingers in the air and chokes you for days afterward. She is going to need fire odor removal people to come help get that awful smell out.

I know she can get online and search for fire damage services in the area to get help. I hope the fire was not serious and that she does not have to stay in a hotel for several days while they clean it up.

Tools For Today’s People

Right now is a great time to live and work with all of the latest technology at our fingertips. I feel sorry for so many people that don’t have access to so much that we all use on a daily basis without as much as blinking an eye. For example, the people that have been locked away in a medical institution (for whatever reason) and then there are of course the folks that have been locked up behind bars that have no idea of what even a cell phone can and is used for. Most of our cell phones do so much more than just allow us to make phone calls. I don’t even know if I could explain what a app is or how helpful they are turning out to be for so many people and businesses.

My sister has been finding some real estate apps and sharing her finds on Facebook pages for her friends, family and fellow co-workers in the real estate field. Wow, wouldn’t it be like totally weird not to even know what Facebook is? Anyway like I said this really is a great time to be able to utilize all the tools that we are being turned onto and purchasing as fast as they can think of and then produce them. Look how popular personal computers are and what a long way they have become.

Oh! Facebook Burn!

Facebook Burn

This is funny to me because you never know who is reading your Facebook status and your blog.

Sometimes people come up to me and make remarks about a post I’ve written and I am surprised that they read it, since they didn’t leave a comment or send me a message at the time.

But I try to not talk about someone and say something that i would not be willing to say to their face. You never know who else is hearing it or reading it, and if you wouldn’t say it to their face then maybe should not be saying it all.

A Smartphone for the Lower End Market

Some people must have the latest and greatest of everything, and others are reluctant to climb on board anything until it is their only choice. Take the Facebook Timeline, for example. Some people heard it was available and eagerly jumped on. Those are the early adapters and almost none of them cried and whined about wanting to convert back to the old Facebook layout. But there are still some people today that have not converted to the Timeline and they are screaming about how they don’t want it. Those late bloomers are the ones who drive me nuts.

If you want the most expensive and full featured smartphone, you can easily spend between $600 and $800 on one. But some of us would like a lower end option. Enter the Pantech Burst.


This phone was introduced at a full retail price of $259 in January, but AT&T is offering it for only $49 if you sign a two year service contract. In fact, you might be able to get an even better deal if you stop by an AT&T retail store and negotiate with a sales rep. I’ve heard some stories of getting the phone free. That’s a sweet savings and its a good, functional android phone with slide out keyboard and camera included.