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Scrubs for My Costume This Year

October means Halloween and Halloween means I need a costume. We always have a Halloween party at work and employees are supposed to not only wear a costume and makeup, but we are supposed to decorate our offices or cubicles and then everyone votes on the best decorations and the best costumes for both prizes and bragging rights.

Last year I decided to wear blue scrubs, latex gloves, and painted fake blood down my shirt and running down my arms. My props were a rubber Frankenstein doll laid out on an operating table, some surgical instruments and a strobe light. I was, of course, Dr. Frankenstein. It got a lot of laughs and I won second place for the office decor.

My idea for this year is to get another pair of cheap hospital scrubs and do something similar but different. I am going to get a blonde wig to wear under the surgical cap and a large rubber fake brain. Then I’m going to use light grey and black makeup to make me look like a zombie. I’m going to walk around like a zombie and offer people my brain, telling them that since I’m a blonde now that I don’t need it. LOL

Pasta Tips

When I was in high school, I dated a guy who was from an Italian family. He was actually born in Italy and came to America with his parents and grandparents when he was 4 years old. So he had a year to learn to speak English and adjust to life in America before he started school. When I met him he spoke perfect English and so did his parents. His grandmother was the only one still struggling to adjust to America. She stayed home most of the day and cleaned and cooked, and never had to use much English.

His grandmother’s cooking was fantastic. She let me spend some time with her in the kitchen and watch her cook, especially on Sundays. In their family, Sunday was always a big family gathering after church, and they had a huge Italian meal together. We would do that, too, but my family liked to have a ham or roast beef for the Sunday meal, whereas they always had some kind of pasta.

I learned how to cook spaghetti and a variety of pastas from a real Italian cook. I can tell you that it is important to put salt in the boiling water before you add the pasta. For a big pot of water, add at least 2 or 3 tablespoons of salt.

She also added a teaspoonful of olive oil. Some people say that is supposed to stop the pasta from sticking together. But she told me that the olive oil is to stop the water from foaming. If you want the pasta to not stick together, you need to have plenty of water and it needs to be a full, rolling boil before you add the pasta.

so many choices

So Many Types Of Pasta

Try a Plank Steak – Yum!

A few months ago I came across a new cut of steak, called the “Plank Steak” also called a “Flat Iron Steak.” Not to be confused with a Flank Steak – which is a cheap cut of steak and very tough. The Flat Iron Steak is a very tender cut of beef they have recently developed thanks to a new cutting process the butchers can now use that didn’t exist before.

It is packaged a little differently than the regular steak cut, like porterhouse or sirloin. It has a black plastic backing and looks like it is shrink wrapped, similar to the packaging on corned beef. I took a picture of it so you can see a typical package and look for it at your local grocery.


plank steak packaging

The Flat Iron Steak cooks on the grill or under the oven broiler in under 10 minutes. I have used a variety of marinades on it – my favorite is a dry mesquite marinade that you mix with water and oil, sold in 50 cent packets by Weber at Wally’s Hell-Mart and Kroger here. I have also used Italian dressing as a marinade, a bottled lemon pepper marinade, and a dry “Montreal Seasoning” mix that comes in a pepper shaker. The marinades only need about 20 minutes to impart the flavor, not overnight like the tougher cuts of beef require.

The Flat Iron Steak easily serve 2-3 people, maybe 4-5 if you used it for fajitas. The regular price here is $5.99 per pound, but I often find it on sale for $4.99. There is no bone, very little fat, and no waste. So the true yield per pound is 100%.

plank steak serving

Besides grilling it, I have sliced it while raw into thin strips for fajitas and dropped each strip into a shallow pan with hot oil for a minute or two. This is a quick fix for dinner, but I don’t usually like to fry anything in oil for health reasons and the grill is almost as quick (medium heat for 5 minutes on the first side and 3 minutes on the second side = a nice medium rare) and the marinades do better on the grill, so you have a lot of different flavor opportunities.

Hope you have a chance to try it – let me know your favorite way to fix it.

Dentist Appt

Today I have a dentist appointment. First, I have to finish eating my lunch as I usually cannot eat for several hours after I see the dentist. So I have my leftover lasagna and garlic bread from last night warming in the oven. But I’m running out of time, so I’ll probably have to eat the Oreo’s in the car on my way downtown.

it only hurts when I laugh

It’s always about chocolate!


Man Dies, Too Much Internet Gaming

Just found an article on a blog talking about how a guy died from over use of the internet. Internet gaming to be exact. I am quite surprised that someone dies from too much online gaming, the games I’ve played online have been highly addictive, but I can’t imagine playing until death. I could see falling asleep or passing out from playing too long.

They would not say what game he was playing, and it’s a guy from China. If it had been in the US I would imagine perhaps World of Warcraft or maybe World in Conflict. Perhaps it is warcraft, I’m sure it’s popular over there as well. If it’s not one of those three, and perhaps a game that is not yet available in the US I could see all kind of ads made around the warning. This game is so good you must no play till real death.