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Digital Printing NYC

Even though most of us have a computer and a printer which makes it possible for us to do so many things that we used to have to rely on someone else to do for us. Sometimes its best to go with someone that really knows what they are doing and specializes in that field.

I remember when I first tried to make my own business cards on my own. It was fun trying to come up with a great design and just what information I really needed and wanted to have on my business card. Considering that I have a touch of OCD it took me hours to finally come up with the right logo, pictures, font sizing and making sure it was lined up correctly, making it more pleasing to the eyes of my prospective customers.

These days when I want and need something that printing nyc can do for me I have to remember all the painstaking decisions involved in doing something like this myself and I’m grateful that printing nyc is an option for me to turn to. Sometimes my mother would tell me that you get what you pay for and it’s times like this that makes me think of her and believe her.

Weekend Gremlins Partied in our Office

Man oh man, got to work early this morning and walked into a big mess. Right off the bat I had to deal with bugs in the phone system AND in the computer network. And sorry, I’m a little ticked off that I’m the one who had to deal with it all. In my book this is the responsibility of the Office Manager.

The phones were offline when I came in. Thank GOODNESS it was easy enough to fix by pushing the reset button on the box in the closet.

The network was another problem. The printer/fax/copier that everyone shares was offline and the new color laser printer that we all share was also offline. Since almost no one was at work yet, I just turned off everything related to computer and printers thorughout the whole office and then rebooted the main├é┬ácomputer. Hooray – that worked, too.

I have no idea how all these problems came up over the weekend. Everything was fine when I left on Friday.

Ink Jets and Toner Cartridges

One of the ongoing expenses of having a computer is the constant supplying and the maintaining of the printer. I often print out driving directions, food recipes, and lists on my home computer and printer. Sometimes I bring work home from the office so I can finish up a report or presentation in the comfort of my own home without the distractions of dozens of people moving down cubicle corridors.

Of course, there is never a good time to fun out of ink but there are worse times, so as soon as you have a critical, multi-page report to print, your printer will run out of ink and shut down. Usually this is with a looming deadline and long after the local retail stores have closed for the night. This happened to me once and I swore that I will not allow that to ever happen again. So I bought extra ink cartridges and keep them in a desk drawer, at the ready for the first sign of running out. Stocking up on ink and toner cartridges can be a significant expense, so I took that opportunity to save money and buy refilled cartridges that are on sale and if there is a coupon to use along with you can count on me using those as well.

Touch Up and Print

Computers and smart phones are great. I used all kinds of tech and digital equipment all the time. But every once in a wall, I come across something that I want to print. Usually I download the photo to my PC, touch it up with my photo editing software and then print it on photo paper. I have a little color printer at home that is slow but inexpensive. I can buy original ink cartridges online and have it delivered to my condo so that I never run out of printer supplies.

Some of my friends are using recycled ink, but I tried that once and saw a big difference in the print quality. I did an in-home experiment and printed two photographs on the same printer but used the recycled ink cartridge, then replaced it with an OEM cartridge. You could see the difference with the naked eye. It is much better to get genuine toner cartridges and avoid the recycled ink if the print quality is important to you.

The price difference is actually very low between a recycled cartridge and genuine ink cartridges. A couple of years ago you could save over half the cost by buying recycled. But now you hardly even save 20%. So when you see the fainter, lighter colors from the recycled ink as compared to OEM ink, you realize that saving only 20% is just not worth it.