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Thomas the Train

What is it about the Thomas the Train movies that grabs the attention of kids everywhere? They are nothing more than a man reading a story book out loud, like any parent reads a bedtime story. And they are in British words and phrases, easy enough for an American to understand, but obviously different from what the kids here are used to hearing.

My grandson absolutely loves anything that has to do with Thomas the Train. I can send him any present – a book, a new train, a sticker book – that has Thomas on it and he loves it. I even found a website for him to play Thomas games and watch short Thomas the Train videos on the internet when he comes for a visit.



Love My Gaming And My Music

Since I was a young child, I have always enjoyed playing games on some sort of gaming device, whether it is an Atari, a Nintendo, a Super Nintendo, a Sega Genesis, a Playstation, or even an Xbox. My all time favorite gaming system would have to be the Playstation 3, it is by far the best. It has so many awesome features, and not to mention a wide selection of games to play on or offline. I had no idea I would be using it as much as I do, or I would have bought it as soon as it came out.

I use it to not only play video games, but to watch Blue Ray movies, check my Facebook, have video chats with friends and family, download music, watch Netflix and so much more. I have recently located a great woodwind brasswind retail store that I have written a bit about on Facebook as well. I can’t imagine life without Facebook.

I honestly can not wait to see what Sony has in-store for the upcoming Playstation 4. What can I say other then I love my gaming! And thank the good lord for all the various types music (old and new) that we have access to with just a few short key strokes!

High Definition Digital Video Disc or Blu-ray

It seems a lot of people are either into high definition or blu-ray and from what I have seen many digital video discs players are now starting to offer players that play both HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs and some movie studios have discs that can be played on both type of players.

After reading some online polls about what sold more players and what sold more discs this year and which are better quality and so on, I wanted to hold my own poll and see what everyone out there is going to buy when they upgrade to the next generation digital video disc format. A lot of people credit the adult industry with deciding the next generation format of DVD but I believe the next generation format to be the HD or High Definition age, because HD goes beyond movies into television, radio, and other forms where as blu-ray only has movies and players. Only time will tell but like I said I predict that HD will prevail as the winner of the format war.

Loose Change 911

Found this video called Loose Change on Google video and was blown away with what it claims. Like any movie I go see, I like to go into it with an open mind, some of this movie may be fiction but I am not quite sure how much of this film is fiction.

I worry that maybe everything in my great country might not be as honest and great as I first thought. Not sure how much can be done at this point should the movie turn out to be true since so much has been done. But some questions need to be asked on a much higher level then my little old blog, so I hope that it gets done I am just not sure who and how to achieve this. In my opinion I do not believe that there is anything unpatriotic or wrong with asking questions about what happened on September 11th 2001.

Fun Dates

Back in the day, I had some terrific dates with guys. Sometimes I went out with guys without it being a date, we were a group of friends that like to go do things together and always had fun, without the extra complication of someone being a “date.” These were usually outdoors activities, like riding 3-wheelers through the woods, going mud bogging in 4-wheelers, water skiing, deep sea fishing, and shooting paintballs.

The traditional date was usually dinner at a nice romantic restaurant and then either a movie, play, concert or some type of show. The DC area is chock full of great restaurants, with every possible type of ethnic specialty you can ask for. There are dozens of great steakhouses and some top notch seafood places, too. The great restaurants are what I miss most about the DC area.