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Tongue Twisters

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My father loved word play. He worked on crossword puzzles, loved riddles, and was always challenging the kids with tongue twisters and puns. This is a tongue twister that I don’t remember hearing as a child, but when I found it on Facebook today it made me think of my father. He would have loved this one.

Electronic Drums

I’m sorry but I really have never heard of electronic drums until I went online at www.musiciansfriend and found some to check out. When the heck did electronic drums come out? Where was I when this happened.? Not that I have a vast knowledge of musical instruments, but I have had a love affair with drums all my life.

I really wish that I had taken drum lessons as a kid. I did take piano lessons for two summers but gave up on that and was not happy with my parents when they told me that I couldn’t change from piano to the drums. I still hold a resentment about that but have kept it to myself all these years.


Ever notice how the Queen always seems to wearing a strand of pearls with every outfit when she goes out in public? Her Pearls and her hats are her trademark. I think most women of my generation have at least one good strand of pearls. I inherited mine from my grandmother and I love them dearly.

I would love to have another pearl necklace, though. I’ve had my eye on some new designs, like the stylish two tone designs. I don’t know if the black and white is supposed to be symbolic of anything, like a lifestyle choice, so I had better check on that before I make a stupid mistake. But if this trip goes well I hope to have at least one afternoon of shopping and I would love to take home a new pearl necklace as my souvenir from London. But if I don’t find any bargains on this trip, I know I can order quality pearls from the Pearl Outlet website.

Selena will have her pearls!

Pasta Tips

When I was in high school, I dated a guy who was from an Italian family. He was actually born in Italy and came to America with his parents and grandparents when he was 4 years old. So he had a year to learn to speak English and adjust to life in America before he started school. When I met him he spoke perfect English and so did his parents. His grandmother was the only one still struggling to adjust to America. She stayed home most of the day and cleaned and cooked, and never had to use much English.

His grandmother’s cooking was fantastic. She let me spend some time with her in the kitchen and watch her cook, especially on Sundays. In their family, Sunday was always a big family gathering after church, and they had a huge Italian meal together. We would do that, too, but my family liked to have a ham or roast beef for the Sunday meal, whereas they always had some kind of pasta.

I learned how to cook spaghetti and a variety of pastas from a real Italian cook. I can tell you that it is important to put salt in the boiling water before you add the pasta. For a big pot of water, add at least 2 or 3 tablespoons of salt.

She also added a teaspoonful of olive oil. Some people say that is supposed to stop the pasta from sticking together. But she told me that the olive oil is to stop the water from foaming. If you want the pasta to not stick together, you need to have plenty of water and it needs to be a full, rolling boil before you add the pasta.

so many choices

So Many Types Of Pasta

MF’s best ukulele tuner

Hopefully my mother will approve of the MF’s best ukulele tuner that I could find to give to her first grandchild, Karen, who is now of age to take a serious interest in playing some music. Mother still isn’t quite comfortable with shopping online even though most of us have spent a good amount of time trying to show and explain to her how to do some of the most simple basic tasks using the computer, but she is a stubborn old woman some times.

This year will most likely be the last time Mother is up to having so many people under her roof for the Christmas holidays. It is a lot of work and the family isn’t even any where near ready to quit growing. Karen may be the first but the way this family breeds it won’t be the last any time soon!

Merry Christmas to all the good people in the world!

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Lanikai Clip-on Ukulele Electronic Tuner