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Discovering Bo Bice

I was just thinking about when I went to the very successful benefit concert back in March of 2011, this guy was singing and I didn’t know who he was. Turned out it was Bo Bice. The song was not something I recognized, but I had not been listening to much radio at that point and time in my life so I didn’t realize it was a number #1 hit for him – and it was written by Todd, was told he was using a apogee mic 96k that sounded great!

How cool that Todd has helped launch Bo’s career and that Bo was good enough to perform at the benefit concert for Todd. Plus, Bo donated the guitar that he had played for the silent auction, with the minimum bid at $300. I they got a lot more than that for the guitar – it was all for a great cause.

Searching Out New Music

Since I rarely listen to the radio any more, how am I supposed to hear the new music? There are new groups and performers coming out every day. I need a way to hear at least samples of the new music to decide if I like it or not.

Amazon has some – if not most – music with a way to sample 5-10 seconds of a song before decided if you want to buy that single or CD. That is helpful, but i wish there was a way to sample a random selection of music over the internet so we don’t have to rely on corporate radio for our new music.

Tin Pan South

Every year the Nashville Songwriters Association International hosts a week long series of concerts throughout Nashville called Tin Pan South. The awesome element of this event is that the concerts feature the songwriters who actually wrote the songs rather than the celebrity singers. Of course, some of the singers are also songwriters, but you would be surprised at how many singers are famous for songs that someone else wrote.

Check out their website for details on the venues and the artists who are playing in town this week, and if you have some time read through the bios and discography of the writers – you will be impressed. this week is what makes Nashville truly unique.

Tin Pan South

Tin Pan South

Two for Tuesdays

The rock station here has a special lunch hour and early afternoon program called, Two For Tuesdays.” That means that they select two songs by the same artist and play them back to back. This special programming leaves out all the one hit wonders, but there are so many bands that have over a dozen hits that there is an endless supply of music for this programming.

John Hiatt to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

The Americana Music Association has announced that it will be presenting its 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award for Songwriting to John Hiatt. The AMA’s 7th annual honors and awards show will be held on September 18 at the Ryman Auditorium. The two hour awards show will be broadcast live on XM Satellite Radio.

Hiatt’s songs have been recorded by Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy, Emmy Lou Harris, Iggy Pop, The Neville Brothers, Roseaane Cash, Steve Earle, Willie Nelson and the Jeff Healey Band. He has also made numerous recordings under his own name and will be releasing a new CD in May, “Same Old Man.”

Previous recipients of the AMA’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Songwriting have included:

  • Willie Nelson
  • Rodney Crowell
  • Guy Clark
  • John Prine
  • and Billy Joe Shaver.