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Thomas the Train

What is it about the Thomas the Train movies that grabs the attention of kids everywhere? They are nothing more than a man reading a story book out loud, like any parent reads a bedtime story. And they are in British words and phrases, easy enough for an American to understand, but obviously different from what the kids here are used to hearing.

My grandson absolutely loves anything that has to do with Thomas the Train. I can send him any present – a book, a new train, a sticker book – that has Thomas on it and he loves it. I even found a website for him to play Thomas games and watch short Thomas the Train videos on the internet when he comes for a visit.



Classic Video Game Revival

Isn’t it amazing that in my lifetime we had no video games at all when I was a child, to the invention of video games machines that attached to your home television set, then they made video game machines found in arcades, and now games on the internet.

I remember playing Pong on the TV in our living room. My dad was a technology geek and would buy anything new as soon as it first came out. He bought a calculator, a color TV, a cassette tape player and all kinds of electronic devices and shared with with us kids. I remember buying the first Nintendo game system and having to rent the games from little fly by night businesses so that my own kids could play the latest games with their friends.

And, of course, we would go to the new arcades several times a month to play on the pacman arcade machine. I loved the arcades and would spend hours on the pacman game while my kids played on nearby machines. I bet they were embarrassed in front of their friends that their mom was playing arcade games, but I liked the games and I liked being there with my kids so they were supervised and not getting into trouble.

Hard to believe how this basic black and white game entertained millions and started a fad that is still earning billions of dollars without any sign of stopping any time soon.

totally thrilling

Pong -The two paddles return the ball back and forth. The score is kept by the numbers (0 and 1) at the top of the screen.

Tin Pan South

Every year the Nashville Songwriters Association International hosts a week long series of concerts throughout Nashville called Tin Pan South. The awesome element of this event is that the concerts feature the songwriters who actually wrote the songs rather than the celebrity singers. Of course, some of the singers are also songwriters, but you would be surprised at how many singers are famous for songs that someone else wrote.

Check out their website for details on the venues and the artists who are playing in town this week, and if you have some time read through the bios and discography of the writers – you will be impressed. this week is what makes Nashville truly unique.

Tin Pan South

Tin Pan South

Revisiting Television Episodes from the Past

Lately I have discovered free on demand shows on satellite TV from DirectStarTV.com. It has been interesting revisiting all the television shows that I watched as a child and young adult. The joy of being able to revisit all the episodes of Little House on the Prairie has been a blessing, for now I have children of my own and we have taken plenty of family time to watch Laura and her siblings get themselves in and out of trouble.

My husband on the other hand, loves to watch The Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island and will sometimes waste his days off watching old episodes. I finally spoke to him about the time he was taking up reminiscing with his childhood and he agreed, but explained to me since he discovered he could watch his old-time favorites that it is hard to be able to walk away at times. I could easily relate to what he meant, as with my old favorite shows it is tough to walk away instead of continuing on to the next episode.

End of the Season

All the fall TV shows are wrapping up their regular season this week and having their season finales. This is an exciting week for a lot of show fans. Then we are left with the pits for entertainment. All these crappy Christmas specials and lots of reruns. This time of year really sucks for people who like certain adult shows and don’t want to watch Frosty the Snowman for the 20th time. Especially when there aren’t any ankle biters in the household. Time to stock up on movies and fire up the DVD player. The only thing on TV that I’ll be watching after this week is the Craig Ferguson show.

tv at christmas time

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